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Kagero Ventress
An illustration reward for FFighterBrent, featuring his character – Ventress.

This time she's dressed up as Kagero from the Fire Emblem series and she seems to find the choice of the costume curious to say the least.

My works are regularly sponsored by:

Diskens– :icondiskens:
Reza – :iconartpolakker:
Anilox – :iconanilox:
Laudine – :iconlaudine:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
Fire Emblem
© Nintendo
Ventress belongs to FFighterBrent
You can also get updates on my works on Tumblr.
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Old Pony, New Trix
:icontrixieafraidplz: :iconsays3plz:Help Trixie out! This table is plot-essential and it's making it really heavy!:iconsays3eplz:
:iconstarlightsnobbishplz: :iconsays3plz:Well, I'll go get the jaws of life. Can't teleport because reasons. Don't go anywhere... *snrk*

Happy new season, folks! Any expectations? Hopes? Dreams? I've kind of adopted a policy not to prepare any of those beforehand.

I suppose Trixie is lucky to have changed at least a little bit. Else she'd have a tonne of trouble on her head (ohohoho, comedy gold right there). Consider the possible teleporting mishaps when you think of a very wrong place for just a brief moment. Buckin' teleportation, how does it work? Right?

I mean, this joke could've turned very dark very quickly... I used to play this dungeon-crawler RPG. It was called Mordor: Depths of Dejenol in its original iteration and Demise: Rise of the Ku'tan in its 3D remake. If all the characters in your party died exploring the dungeon, you would have to either recover them with a different party or wait for an AI rescue team to instantly get them with additional penalties applying. But if you dun goofed and got your party killed by teleporting them into solid rock with a spell, hoo boy, were you ever screeeewed. The AI adventurers would only happily report finding on arrival a pair of feet sticking out of a wall, so you needed to get there yourself with a really, really rare item in tow.

Freakier still is the theory that for actual teleportation to work, it would take a process of destroying the original subject and having them reconstructed molecule by molecule in a different location. This would be like constantly dying and being resurrected. How would preserving someone's conscious find its place in this system? Would that be a different person with every instance? Could we tell? I'd rather not think.

My works are regularly sponsored by:

Diskens– :icondiskens:
Reza – :iconartpolakker:
Anilox – :iconanilox:
Mephis-Takagashi – :iconmephis-takagashi:
Laudine – :iconlaudine:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
You can also get updates on my works on Tumblr.
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This just in.

Thanks to my spectacular friend TechTalkPony :icontechtalkpony: and his generous gift, I can once again live a life free of unresponsive keys.

As a gesture of appreciation for him, I just wanted to display in a brief journal entry this lovely Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. keyboard that I now get to enjoy. A new keyboard was a priority on my list of expenses, due to how poorly the previous one began to perform. I wanted to invest in something decent, albeit more modest, but Tech wanted me to save the money for other necessities. (:

20170228 202136 by Gray--Day

It also has this fun gimmick where all the keys are backlit, so typing in low light isn't an issue or in case having your accessories look like they're about to summon the devil is your thing.

20170228 202227 by Gray--Day

What's really cool, though, is you have an option of fully controlling the colour of the light with software from the manufacturer.

2 by Gray--Day
1 by Gray--Day
20170228 203311 by Gray--Day

Yes, you can literally change it to any colour. It's not perfectly faithful to the setting but the photo directly above exaggerates and the bluish hue of green is rather the flimsy phone photo's fault (try saying that three times fast!). The crucial thing about it, though, are all the delicious macro keys in close proximity to the arrow keys which are essential in gaming to a left-handed mouse user such as myself. Keyboards like these are just not available any-damn-where here, so arranging for something from abroad would've been necessary one way or another.

It definitely never stops surprising me what good friends are willing to do to help you out. Thanks again, Tech! :D

You folks have a good week whilst I enjoy not having to press the same key several times. :P


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