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The Latest Bit: Tech Talk the Changeling King

Tech Talk the Changeling King by Gray--Day

Kinda Like an ID



Make New Friends but Keep Discord

Journal Entry: Sun May 17, 2015, 2:02 PM

S05e0700 by Gray--Day
Everything works like ice cream cones to Discord.

S05e0701 by Gray--Day
No, this isn't Freddy Krueger and you'll regret it..

S05e0702 by Gray--Day
And now Spike is scarred for life. Thanks, M.A. Larson!

S05e0703 by Gray--Day
"AJ, I think Amarezon sent us the wrong game. All these cards are about shipping!"
"I'm okay with that."

S05e0704 by Gray--Day
Come on, AJ! Whatever happened to crying on the inside?

S05e0705 by Gray--Day

S05e0706 by Gray--Day
Eye've got my eye on you...

S05e0707 by Gray--Day
Solid evidence that Discord is part snake.

S05e0708 by Gray--Day
Also, you've just lost it.

S05e0709 by Gray--Day
Cameraman: "AHHHHH! GET HER OFF ME!"

S05e0710 by Gray--Day
"Ya prancin' show ponies!"

S05e0711 by Gray--Day
"I'm, like, totally a walking stereotype! How weird is that?"

S05e0712 by Gray--Day
"You eediots!"

S05e0713 by Gray--Day
We can derp it!

S05e0714 by Gray--Day
Neither rain, nor thleet, nor thnow, nor thpeeth impedimenth...

S05e0715 by Gray--Day
Did he died?

S05e0716 by Gray--Day
Chaotic and chaoti...-cer?

S05e0718 by Gray--Day
Episode heavy in getting your bodily fluids onto others content.

S05e0719 by Gray--Day

S05e0720 by Gray--Day
"Dude, remember meeting you? I'm so bucking high right now, I don't even know where I am!"

S05e0721 by Gray--Day

S05e0722 by Gray--Day

S05e0723 by Gray--Day
"We don't normally wear clothes... we don't normally wear clothes... we don't... AHHHHHH!!!"

S05e0724 by Gray--Day
S05e0725 by Gray--Day
S05e0726 by Gray--Day
S05e0727 by Gray--Day
Equestrian vaults – offering top security via closet-door technology. Just how worthless gemstones and precious metals are in that land?

S05e0728 by Gray--Day
I͕͍̺̦͎̗̯̩ ̡͕̭͇͖̳̪̥͙w̸̯͈̲i̴͔̙͔̜̘͕̣̥̬ĺ̼̞̙͇͚̯̲̫l̨͍̹͎ ̵̘̯͚̜ͅṛ̢̟̮̤͚͙̀e̥̼̠̻͈ͅn̸̴͙̤̲̟͔̫͈͓̺͜d̵͔̀ ̢̺̙̺̞̘͎̻̳y͖̘̻̲̬o̫͚̝̻̭̼̺͖ù̸̢̖ ̵̛͎͓̟̻̖͝l̴͍͉̻͙̦i̦͎̲̠̕ͅm̡͙͠b̬̱͉̬͜͟ ̧͇̟͈̞̻̲̮f̧̛͍̰̼̹̫͙r̦͇̝̭̝̘̠̀ǫ͓̯m̢͈̰̬͖͍͢ ̩̠̞̠̠̲l̕҉̧̣̭̩̟͍i͎̟̖͉͔͓̫̻m̸̨̳̝̖̠̱͉̖b̧̢̛̥͖͕̫͕̮͕!̞͍͚͔̬͎̞̯́́

S05e0729 by Gray--Day

S05e0733 by Gray--Day

S05e0731 by Gray--Day
"You're the most basic of jokes..."

S05e0732 by Gray--Day
"Oh dude. BURN!"

S05e0734 by Gray--Day
Have you accepted Smooze as your lord and saviour?

S05e0735 by Gray--Day
Celestia unable to resolve a crisis once again.

S05e0736 by Gray--Day
Woah, I see talking pastel-coloured ponies! That is so freaky!

S05e0737 by Gray--Day
I know what you're all asking yourselves. And my personal answer is "Yes, and they'll make plenty of it."

S05e0738 by Gray--Day
Equestrian Gothic

S05e0739 by Gray--Day
Shipping it so hard!

S05e0740 by Gray--Day

S05e0741 by Gray--Day
Trollestia strikes again.

S05e0742 by Gray--Day
And the episode draws to a happy end with a very informative note on how mad tyrants will revel in their subjects' misery, even when they put themselves in harm's way.

I was thinking of holding more contests in the future, but better organised. What kind would you like to see/participate in? 

44 deviants said Do one where contestants fill in the blank dialogue of a finished comic.
38 deviants said Do one where contestants draw something specific, like fan art of a particular character.
37 deviants said Do one where contestants submit comic scripts and the best one is chosen for you to draw.
28 deviants said Do one where you draw one panel of a comic and have contestants finish it.
16 deviants said Nah, contests aren't that fun. Better upload content.
2 deviants said I have a different contest idea you should try! (comment)

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Now this sounds awesome.
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Hi, just discovered your deviant art, love from france :D
Lama for you :brohoof: <3
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thanks fo lama!~ ^^
AnlenaRarity Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Dah!~ I remember the day when my friend like to call "Gray to Gay" and it's turn out funny when i read your name that way! :iconraritysmilingplz: 
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Szarodniówek? Czemu nie szarodziennik?
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crazycartoons5488 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
 request can you draw my oc  pony susie queen of the vampireponies  as guest star in Of Kings and Changelings comic she  team up with evil cadance  to  feel on king sombra dark magic and the trees powers.   susie-queen-of-the-vampireponi…
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SaturnStar14 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my, thanks for the watch Gray.
Really flattered by this ^^
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Dzięki za fava dla mojej małej Scarlet ^^
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